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Short Story:

When I asked my Dad how does he practice self-care he said in his deep voice “I cook biscuits” . For the past two months my dad wakes up Sunday morning before church and makes his homemade biscuits, he always send me a picture and a text telling me to make sure I stop by and get some. Sometimes he cooks a dozen or more and my mom takes them to work to share with others. When I asked my dad why he considers making biscuits a part of his self-care he simply replied “Because I love being in the kitchen and I make really good biscuits” hearing his reply created my “Crown Moment” which made me realize that Self-Care for Kings do not have to be a complicated practice or task.

I am keeping my commitment to update the Self-Care Checklist every Tuesday for the month of December. One thing I wanted to make sure while creating this list is to keep it simple (inspired by my dad, a King), I am sure that Kings cook their favorite meals and watch Netflix all the time but I want Kings to be AWARE that those things are practices of self-care because the importance of self-awareness is just as important as self-care. When you are aware that you are taking care of yourself, guess what King that is your “Crown Moment”

As you practice Self-Care by following the checklist or by doing your own thing don’t forget to tell yourself ” I am practicing Self-Care, I am doing this for ME” and enjoy your moment.

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If you are a Queen and reading this and would like to share how a King in your life practice self-care please also do the same.

Don’t forget your Crown and don’t forget YOUR Crown.

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