By Crowned ReRe

Here is the Self-Care Checklist for Black Men Week 3, keeping my promise while I myself is on a self-cation (this blog post will be short and sweet) to provide Kings and Crown Ones a list of self-care for the month of December . As you look over the previous lists and this list you will notice that “Breathe” is on every list, I will explain the reason for this next week.

Dave Chappelle definitely took time outside of himself for himself (the great escape)

My definition of Self-Care for Kings: The actions of a man (a King) embracing a part of themselves that makes them who they are the most and what makes them happy outside of work and being productive. Men taking time for themselves outside of themselves. Rather you check off everything on the King’s Checklist or not please King take time for yourself outside of yourself, you will find your Crown Moment … I promise.

If you are a King reading this and would like to share with me how you practice self-care please send me a email or leave a comment below.

If you are a Queen and reading this and would like to share how a King in your life practice self-care please also do the same.

Don’t forget your Crown and don’t forget YOUR Crown.

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