By: Crowned ReRe

About a month ago I asked the question “Dear Kings How Do You Practice Self-Care” I received very to little responses which for a moment left me in a blah space. The reason for asking the question is because when I go to Pinterest or Google and do a search for “self-care for men” the results are for exercise routine and skin care. When I would do the same for women tips for mental health, balancing work life and a lot of motivational quotes. So in my creative mind I saw a void that needed to be filled, so I did some research and some googling and I have created the first checklist (many more to come) for Kings below. I will try my best to put out a new checklist every Tuesday.

If you are a King reading this and would like to share with me how you practice self-care please send me a email [email protected] or leave a comment below.

If you are a Queen and reading this and would like to share how a King in your life practice self-care please also do the same.

My intentions is to fill a void when it comes to our Kings, Our Black Men when it comes to self-care, self -awareness and encouraging our Kings.

Don’t forget your Crown and don’t forget YOUR Crown.

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