Title: Before I Let Go
Author: Kennedy Ryan
Genre: Romance · Contemporary · Fiction
Pages: 374 pages (Doesn’t include recipes and acknowledgments)
Rating 5 out of 5 Crowns

The Book

Kenndey Ryan states that this book was 15 years in the making. I realized this after reading, and this book is right on time.

While reading “Before I Let Go,” I felt like, in every room, Yasmen and Josiah were in some way; I found myself in that room, unseen but invited to see the outcome of this once-forever love couple.

“Before I Let Go” By Kennedy Ryan.

You can order your copy of the wonderful book by selecting “Before I Let Go”

The novel “Before I Let Go” by Kennedy Ryan is based on the characters Yasmen and Josiah and their two children, Deja and Kassim. In the first chapter, you are introduced to Yasmen and Josiah as being an inseparable couple. In the next chapter, you are hit with the words “divorce” and “co-parenting,” From there, author Kenndey Ryan wheels you to the vivid words she uses, from the great timeline of events and the fight for truth and love.

Yasmen and Josiah face many difficult losses, and throughout the book, they try to see what they gain back, and the big questions are, “Will they gain anything back? And What will they gain back?

“You have to decide if being afraid of losing Yasmen again is worth never having her again”

“Before I Let Go”

I recommend this book to readers who love romance fiction, this was my first romance book in years, and I loved every page. I recommend this book to readers looking for a new read; this book was very refreshing. Many nights I could not stop reading because I knew the more I read, the more invested I would be, and that was okay.

The Bloom

(To avoid giving away any spoilers, I will only use the character’s name when necessary.)

We cannot push therapy on people, regardless of if we know the person needs therapy. Regardless of whether we know therapy’s outcome will help them significantly, I cannot push therapy on people. This is one gem I grasped while reading “Before I Let Go.”

Having people to confide in is very important. While Yasmen went through her journey of finding herself, she had her friends Hendrix and Soledad there when she needed them; in return, she was there when they needed her. The community of Sisterhood, Sister-Ship, and Hey Sis is essential, and I am learning that myself. Kenndy Ryan gives outstanding examples of this in “Before I Let Go.”

Greif is a true emotion, and we must give ourselves time to grieve. We are a society that moves too fast. We connect swiftness to numbness. Not allowing ourselves to grieve doesn’t do anyone, including us, any favors. There is also love in grief; we can’t feel one without feeling the other.

“Before I Let Go” is the first romance novel that I have read in a very long time. I am glad I read it, especially after reading bell hook’s “all about love: a new vision.”

Although “Before I Let Go” is a fiction book, it provides a beautiful narrative of “choosing love” versus “falling in love.”

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