In this episode of “Conversation Sunday,” author Suki Mwendwa PH. D sits with Crowned ReRe and discusses her published work “Sing Your Song.” Suki shares what inspired her to write, what she wants her readers to take away from reading “Sing Your Song,” and the importance of narrating our own stories. Suki also shares her “crown moment” with Crowned ReRe. 

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Sing Your Song by Suki Mwendwa

“So many of us now are becoming more aware of our quantum existence. Where we focus our energy is what we create in our lives, when you change the focus, you can also change your reality.

Instead of relying on generational tradition and teaching as a guide, we are taking more responsibility for our lives and destiny as we make the most of the choices we have.

However, this can be easier said than done and it can take time to be able to see clearly and decipher whose story are we living? Is it ours, or our parents or our grandparents or even our ancestors?

As we set out on this journey of discovery, it’s so essential that we are supported by a mentor, someone who has already walked the path before us. Someone who knows the pitfalls and traps which are awaiting us, how to avoid as many as we can and equally importantly, how to climb out of the holes that we will inevitably find ourselves in from time to time.

The mentorship that you need is entirely individual, it may be as simple as starting with my book, a self-paced program, workshop or as customized as our 1-1 training.”

-excerpt from Home – Sing Your Song by Suki

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Home – Sing Your Song by Suki

About Suki Mwendwa PH. D 

Suki is a Professor in Design, an experienced Education administrator and manager. She is also an experienced dance teacher and choreographer, as well as certified in Energy management, and Soul Profiling. She considers herself as a transformation education facilitator

As part of the search to identify means and tools to fulfil this mission, Suki did a deep dive within herself, partly through her dance of 30 plus years, and also through her training and certification as a teacher in Psychic tools/quantum mechanics and energy management, at Berkeley Psychic Institute, U.S.A, and Soul Blueprint profiling, U.K. The former was through given tools, to gain a self-awareness and clarity for transformation, and the latter to answer the question, why are you here?

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