On this episode of “Conversation Sunday,” Crowned ReRe invites author Jason Masters to have a conversation about his newly published book “A Journey Towards Acceptance: An Evolving Memoir.” Masters shares how important it is to provide a safe place for the LGBTQIA+ community, what the word evolve means to him, and what inspired him to tell his story. 

A Journey Towards Acceptance: An Evolving Memoir is an empowering story about one man’s struggle with his identity. The first-born son of a World War II veteran, Jason Masters, grew up in a 1980s society where the murder of gay men was not uncommon.

To overcome the realities of his controlling upbringing, Jason often wandered off to the beach at night to pray to God in the darkness as he looked for clarity. He tried to understand and study the Bible as a means to educate himself on a variety of unanswered questions pertaining to his sexuality. Still, he came up with nothing that gave him any hope. The Black Dog called ‘shame’ kept returning no matter how much he prayed, and his lack of acceptance for who he had led him down a spiral of depression, suicidal thoughts, and a life of personal uncertainty.

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“A Journey Towards Acceptance: An Evolving Memoir.” 

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