Crowned ReRe will be having conversations with authors about what inspired them to write, to publish their writing and what are their intent with their published books and of course there will be conversations about self-care and self-awareness from a author’s perspective.

Crowned ReRe sits down with Ursula Perl, the author of Live the U.P. Way: 7 ways to live the happy life you deserve. Ursula shares what inspired her to become an author and shares the importance of finding what makes us as individual people happy. Ursula speaks about living in the moment, what is a mindfulness trainer and why did she decide to become one and Ursula shares her crown moment. 

This conversation has inspired Crowned ReRe to take a different approach when it comes to the question “What makes you happy” she hopes it does the same for the Crowned Ones.

 Ursula Perl is a proud single mom of a wonderful daughter. She have worked in the corporate world since 1998.
Ursula Perl is now living in Austria, Europe in the beautiful capital city, Vienna.

Ursula Perl is Certified Law of Attraction Basic and Advanced Practitioner (by Dr. Joe Vitale & Steve G. Jones) and a Certified Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher (by Dr. Itai Ivtzan).

Live the U.P. Way is Ursula Perl first book, and she can help you to live a happier life, to calm yourself and relax with every type of meditation in every situation, and she can support you to attract everything you want in life – because everyone deserves to live a happy life!

To purchase “Live the U.P. Way: 7 ways to live the happy life you deserve.”

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