The CrownTalk Podcast is about recognizing crowns and sharing crown moments on this episode of the CrownTalk Podcast Crowned ReRe speaks with Willette Trevis, the founder of “

Willette shares the importance of accepting uncomfortable situations and how to keep going, the importance of applying self care and self-awareness. Willette also shares how she balances being a mother, wife, business woman , podcaster with social media. 

Willette Trevis is a wife, mother, dancer, inspirational speaker, podcaster, writer, mentor, educator, and life wellness coach. She grew up in Maryland, where she attended school. Upon graduation, she attended college, where she earned her Bachelors of Arts Degree in Elementary Education, with a minor in Special Education and Computer Science. She later earned her Master of Arts Degree in School Counseling. Willette is currently continuing her education in Counselor Studies.

Willette has a passion for ministry and helping others. Through the various ways she connects with people, it has been very profound in them in reaching their goals and aspirations in life. She further helps others through her podcast, “What’s The Word With Willette” where the motto is “Everyday topics with Everyday People.” Her desire to inspire people as they navigate difficult task in life has allowed her to reach people near and far. She continues to minster to audiences all across the United States

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