Crowned ReRe will be having conversations with authors about what inspired them to write, to publish their writing and what are their intent with their published books and of course there will be conversations about self-care and self-awareness from a Author’s perspective.

On this episode of Conversation Sunday Crowned ReRe speaks with Casey Ang the author of R.I.S.E After The Storm.  Casey give insight the reason why he believes it is hard for people to set goals when it comes to establishing a business, he also gives details on the 5 major Hindrances and Casey shares the what encouraged him to write “R.I.S.E After The Storm” Casey also shares with Crowned ReRe his “Crown Moment”

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Casey Ang  helps  entrepreneurs to achieve success in business while giving you a roadmap towards living a life of fulfilment. Casey Ang mission is to tell people that you don’t have to struggle with the stress and fatigue of trying to manage the daily operational activities of their company, without an effective operating system. 

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Through the R.I.S.E. Mindset™, a training program,  Casey Ang created, for business excellence. His expertise lies in building an effective operating system