Crowned ReRe sits down with Tonya Cross, Tonya Cross shares her self-awareness moment when she wrote “Choose Life” , the importance of self-forgiveness.  Tonya Cross  also discusses how she got started as an accessory designer with “Accent Glory” , The importance of taking care of our natural hair and what led her to become a Digital Marketing Coach. Tonya Cross also shares her Crown Moment with Crowned ReRe. 

Tonya Cross is the co-author of the number one Amazon Seller Book  Our Stories His Glory: A Compilation of Stories of Victory, Tonya chapter in the book is choose life where she writes about self-love and forgivness.

Tonya is also the accessory designer of Accent Glory, where she specializes on natural hair, her accessories has been featured on Essence, Martha Stewart Shop and Thynk Global.

Tonya Cross the Digital Marketing Coach – The Vine Events and Strategypreneur. -Tonya Cross is the digital marketing coach for the Facebook group “Digital Marketing On A Budget”

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