Crowned ReRe sits down with Janet Lynn the author of “Forever Is Today” The two ladies speak about  what inspired Janet Lynn to write Forever and A Day, what or who is a professional dreamer and what does living impossibility means. 

Forever Is Today takes the reader into the lives of 2 families, who undergo a series of traumatic events. Their undeniable love, understanding, friendship and determination, energizes our spirit and encourages our ability to surrender our independence, which nurtures hope. 

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Forever is Today By Janet-Lynn

Janet-Lynn is the owner of three successful businesses, a mother of three, and an experienced coach and motivational speaker whose life has been defined by one very important choice. As an author, she takes you to the edge and back with her true to life characters and extraordinary moments that move and surprise us. As a coach, she understands what it takes to step into your purpose, and as a speaker, she shares poignant stories with her audience which resonate and helps to ignite a desire for personal growth.

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