“It is very important for us to give ourselves grace” – Faith (The Sista Circle Podcast)

Crowned ReRe is joined by Faith the host of the Sista Circle Podcast, Faith in her whole own words is a whole ass human, proud mama and wife.” Faith  shares the reason why balance is needed in our everyday lives. What inspired her to create the Sista Circle Podcast, and why conversation between Queens so important. She speaks about her self awareness moment and also shares her crown moment. 

About The Sista Circle Podcast (https://www.thesistacirclepodcast.com)

“The Sista Circle Podcast is a podcast dedicated to providing candid conversations, information and resources regarding women’s health, mental health, motherhood and wellness.

The Sista Circle Podcast is a virtual community that aims to empower women in advocating for themselves in all areas of their lives, and to have the tools to effectively do so. “

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