Crowned ReRe is joined by Whitney B. the author of “Hey, Black Girl!”   Whitney shares what inspired her to write “Hey, Black Girl!” 

Whitney also shares how self-awareness plays a part of her everyday life, what inspired her to speak on self-care, why affirmations are so important and she alway shares a crown moment. 

After experiencing an unexpected divorce and dramatic change to her full-time business, 29-year-old entrepreneur Whitney Barkley embarked on the lowest season of her life during the COVID-19 pandemic and racial unrest in America. Once confident, determined, and full of energy,she felt low self-esteem, inauthentic, and worthless in the world; similar to feelings she felt as a young black girl. Determined not to let her inner-child down, she wrote Hey, Black Girl! to address the pressures the world places on black girls and provides affirmations she had to learn to tell herself to navigate through it. 

Hey, Black Girl! saved Whitney from deep depression and it is her mission to create a body of work to help black girls be unapologetically confident and free while remembering who they are made to be.

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