The importance of finding your voice and advocating for yourself.

On Episode 4 of The Crowntalk Podcast Crowned ReRe has a crowned conversation with Morgane F. The two Crowned Ones speak about the importance of finding your voice, being ok with not knowing, what is a plant based diet and the ladies have a “insecure” moment. Morgane also shares her Crown Moment. 

Morgane F. is a content creator, blogger and host of the Young Black MRS. Podcast, on her podcast she speaks about marriage, money, food and more. You can find her on IG on Tuesdays with Try It Out Tuesdays and  You can enjoy Young Black MRS. podcast by visiting

You can also check out Morgane recipes , her youtube channel and more by selecting the link below

Don’t forget that YOU are CROWNED and don’t forget YOUR CROWN.