By Crowned ReRe

The recorded conversation you hear above was my mom and I talking in the car about “Our Kings”, I told her prior to the conversation that I woke up angry, upset and fearful for our kings, I told her how bad my heart was hurting.  I read her a status I was preparing to post about how a couple of days before the video came out showing the killing of King Ahmaud Arbery , I was watching the mini-series Roots (2016 mini-series) and I sit and watched  Kunta Kinta run, all he wanted to do was run .. just run back home. While watching the show and knowing how it would end I found myself cheering to the TV “ Keep Running, Keep Going, Keep Running” .

I did not have to see the video of King Ahmaud Arbery to know I would have wanted him to keep running with hopes that he would have made it back home. But because the potential of a king of color is a threat, we yet again are saying another victim’s name and asking why. Even when we get the answer to our why it will never justify the killings of our Kings.

After venting to my mom and our having a conversation, the anger and fear is still there, but I have to can’t let my anger overtake my crown. I must continue to recognize our Kings, the potential of our Kings.

-Crowned ReRe-


  1. My God after hearing bout this horrific crime involving the death of another King my heart was deeply saddened again. I can’t help but to worry bout their safety every time they leave Honefront. I asked myself why…why this keeps happening why this won’t end why won’t they listen why no one care why won’t no one do something to bring this racist behaviors to an end???? It’s time for us to get off social media complaining and start protesting and marching let our ancestors until Change Truly Comes. Remove anyone from the police force with repeat history of racial profiling or excess force then clean out the White House next. We must remove our powerful black dollar power to force them to listen and take us seriously. Recall the March and protest again the bus company with Rosa Park it took awhile but we hit them hard in the pockets by not buying from them or using their services and change came. Kings and Queens straighten your crowns we ain’t defeated and we just need to unite together!!!

  2. That is the whole thing. We are a threat to the lives that have been told about us. One of the most powerful things is our a8yo vote. Not every 4 years, but in all elections. There laws being passed and most people don’t know about them. All elections have consequences. They know this.

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