Good day Crowned Ones; on this seventh episode of The CrownTalk Podcast, Crowned ReRe and Mr. Al Pete speak about the importance of “Solitude.”  Solitude deprivation is a real thing, and Crowned ReRe and Mr. Al Pete share advice on how to take some time for yourself to hear yourself, the birds, and God’s voice. Crowned ReRe also shares her “ReRe’s Recommendations.”

“Solitude Deprivation A state in which you spend close to zero time alone with your own thoughts and free from input from other minds.”

― Cal Newport, Digital Minimalism: Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy World

The Benefits of Solitude.

Allows you to see the bigger picture

Creates Ideas

In silence you can hear God speak and/or experience your Crown Moment (when your heart and crown aligns).

ReRe’s Recommendations

Simply put, humans are not wired to be constantly wired. ~ Cal Newport (Digital Minimalism).

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