In this episode of “Conversation Sunday,” author Sandy Forseille sits down with Crowned ReRe and discusses her upcoming book “Believe.” Sandy shares what inspired her to write “Believe,” the importance of teaching self-care and self-love to children, and how important it is for adults to nurture and love their inner child. Sandy also shares her crown moment. 


Sanna is a little girl with a big heart, but she starts to believe the hurtful things that people tell her. As she grows up, she learns to listen to her own voice with the help of her beautiful, magical mirror.

Danny is a worrier, who likes to play the ‘what if’ game when any new situation comes along. It takes a mother’s love and her words of wisdom to show him the way. In the end, though, it’s up to him to find his power buried within.

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About Sandy:

Sandy Forseille has opened her gift and discovered her purpose through writing children’s books, and her passion and energy radiates through the words expressed in her first published work, Believe.

As she continues along her own life journey, she has become aware of how her inner child has been reflected in mirrors. Her journey with self-image and her own continuous awakening has been uncomfortable at times, and she has sometimes found it hard to love her reflection. Always seeing the image in the mirror that was created by the words of others told her, Sandy had to learn to see herself for who she truly was. Yet, her personal growth and creativity now allows the reader to explore their own imagination and bring out their inner child’s true self-image.