Angela Lansbury became Jessica Flecther character at age 60, the main character of the hit show “Murder, She Wrote.” I did not know the personal life of Ms. Lansbury, born October 16, 1925, and left this earth on October 11, 1922, but I did know the life of Jessica Beatrice Fletcher; it was a life that inspired me to lean into my independence.

“My Grandma use to watch that show”

The Culture

I used to walk into my Great Grandma’s room while she was watching “Murder, She Wrote,” she would talk to the t.v, and once the mystery was resolved, my Great Grandma would laugh and say, “I knew it” (she still does it to this day). Watching our Grandma or Great Grandma is how many knew Jessica B. Fletcher; we saw or sat with our elders.

The first time my adult self watched “Murder, She Wrote” was when it appeared on Netflix. I had just moved into my one-bedroom apartment, and my company was my pit bull puppy Royal at the time. Netflix had included online streaming services on top of mailing DVDs (yes, I am just that old). I remember the first episode of “Murder, She Wrote.” I remember how Jessica Fletcher would not take “No” for an answer. She had a murder to solve, and no matter if it was the police or the unknown crook threatening her life, she was going to, in her words, “get to the bottom of it.” Jessica Fletcher led with her intuition, and because it would only be right, her intuition was correct.

I would binge-watch “Murder, She Wrote” until midnight helping Mrs. Fletcher solve these crimes. I would yell at the tv when someone would call her “noisy” or laugh at her comeback of her saying, “I would call it being curious.” At the age of 22, living on my own, Jessica Fletcher reminded me not to be afraid to ask questions, don’t be scared to speak up, and always trust my intuition.

Some nights I stay up and watch “Murder, She Wrote” when it airs on Hallmark Mystery, and binge watches a season or twelve on Peacock. In watching the show, I think about where I was back then and now. Although I am more confident in my “Crown,” I still have those days when I hear more doubt than assurance of certain things. Still, I am constantly reminded by Angela Lansbury, who became Jessica B. Fletcher, to continue to ask questions when I want to know more, embrace my courtesy and lean into my independence.

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