Good day Crowned Ones; on this fourth episode of The CrownTalk Podcast, Crowned ReRe and Mr. Al Pete speak about giving unsolicited advice. Sometimes without knowing, we, including Crowned ReRe give people unsolicited advice; giving this advice can cause people to shut down. Mr. Al Pete and Crowned ReRe share their experience of giving unsolicited advice and provide three ways to be a better listener. Crowned ReRe also shares her “ReRe Recommendations.”

Unsolicited Advice: not asked for; given or done voluntarily:

The Meaning of Unsolicited Advice. Giving unsolicited advice means thinking someone needs your advice when they didn’t specifically ask for it.

Three Ways to Be a Better Listener

Just listen

Sometimes people choose to call you, for you just to listen. I know sometimes it is hard to listen to just listen but trust me it can be done. Listening to a person vent can help solve their problem. Sometimes a person just needs to speak out loud and have someone hear them.

Build Confidence

Besides saying “You got this,” you can also build confidence by saying “I am sure you will make the decision for you,” or “I am sure you will figure this all out; you have all the tools.”

Ask for permission

If you feel like your advice will be helpful, ask for permission, a simple way to ask for permission is “would you like my advice?” This gives the person the option to take your advice or leave it. Always remember the person does not have to take your advice and you should not be in your “bag” about it.

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