Good day Crowned Ones, on the second episode of The CrownTalk Podcast Crowned ReRe and Mr. Al Pete speak about “The Feels”. The two have a conversation about the importance of sitting in your feels. Crowned ReRe provides three ways to sit with your feels and also gives her “ReRe Recommendations” 

Feels: experience (an emotion or sensation)

Sitting in your feels and being okay with the following:

The following list is by Needra Twabb you can find out more about the importance of boundaries by going to

Nedra Nuggets | Meta Bulletin


We cannot be in all the places all of the time. We are going to miss out on some things.

Not knowing everything.

Constantly consuming information about others is not healthy, and it is impossible to stay up to date on everything.

Embracing hours of disconnection for ourselves and others.

We have to set limitations around our interactions with others and determine what our boundaries are.


I think waiting should be a new kind of meditation. People have a variety of things going on in their lives. Sometimes they don’t have a response for you yet. It is ok if they don’t respond to you immediately, and it is ok for you to do the same.

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