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Do you know who is Beulah Mae Donald is? Do you know what happened to her son Michael Donald? Did you know that Mrs. Donald decided to take The United Klans Of America to civil court?

If someone asked me these questions before I saw the CNN series “The People vs. The Klan.” I would have sadly said, “No.”

After watching the series, I felt inspired and obligated to share Beulah Donald and Michael Donald with other Crowned Ones, especially as we watch the trial of 3 men who murdered Ahmaud Arbery play out on our televisions.

‘The People v. The Klan’: How to watch and what to read next – CNN

While strolling through HBOMax documentary section, I saw the title “The People vs. The Klan” after reading the description, I felt like I had to be mentally prepared to listen to the narration of real Black trauma. I waited about two weeks before I watched the series.

When I decided to watch the series, my emotions were everywhere, but a couple of things sat with me.

  • Beulah Mae Donald son Michael Donald nineteen years old was lynched on March 21, 1981 (40 years ago) 
  • Beulah Mae Donald’s decision to take the Klan to civil court to hold three Klan members responsible for murdering and lynching her son was a courageous move. 
  • The story of Michael Donald’s murder is similar to the narration of the murder of Ahmaud Arbery. (modern-day lynching) 
  •  God molded mothers with a strong heart, especially when it comes to their kids. 
  • A Black Mother won a civil case against The United Klans Of America because her intentions were not set on winning, but her intentions were set on proving her son Michael Donald did nothing wrong. 
  • I need to educate myself in Black History pass the text book stories.

Instead of telling her story in my own words, I want to highlight some facts about Mrs. Donald, Michael Donald, and facts about the civil court case of “The People vs. The Klan.”  To learn about Beulah Mae Donald, Michael Donald and where to watch “The People vs. The Klan” please select the link below:

‘The People v. The Klan’: How to watch and what to read next – CNN

Who Is Beluah Mae Donald?

“Beulah Mae (Gregory) Donald is best known for filing a civil lawsuit against the United Klans of America after Donald’s youngest child Michael Donald was found hanging from a tree in Mobile, Alabama, on March 21, 1981.” (2021, June 9)

What Happened To Michael Donald? 

“Michael Anthony Donald was a nineteen-year-old African American man murdered by the Ku Klux Klan in 1981 near Mobile, Alabama. His killing was one of the last known lynchings in the United States. Donald was born on July 24, 1961, in Mobile to Beulah Mae Donald and David Donald. He was the youngest of six children.” (2020, February 8) 

What did Beulah Mae Donald Do? 

“She (Beulah Mae Donald) brought a lawsuit against the United Klans of America in 1984 which demanded that the organization be held responsible and accountable for the actions of its members. In February 1986, an all-white jury in Mobile returned a verdict awarding Donald 7 million dollars.” (2021, June 9).

This win bought a smile to my face because lawsuit bankrupt the Klan and they had to give the deed to Mrs. Donald to the Klan’s national headquarters building.

The Crown Moment: 

“She (Beulah Mae Donald) challenged the silence of the Klan and the disobedience of the criminal justice system. Two convictions weren’t enough for her. She didn’t want revenge. She didn’t want money. All she ever wanted, she says, was to prove that ”Michael did no wrong.” (1987, November 1).

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The Woman Who Beat The Klan – The New York Times (nytimes.com)The Woman Who Beat The Klan – The New York Times (nytimes.com)

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