Good day to all the Crown Ones,

I believe that the first conversation that we should have when we wake up should be with ourselves. We should sit quietly for a few moments and motivate ourselves, prepare our crowns and calm our hearts. These are the moments where we make  sure our hearts and our crowns are aligned before we put our best foot forward.  I came upon this belief when I woke up one morning and I said to myself “ I want to wake up and just feel better about me, I don’t want to start my day looking for my crown, “I want to start my day with my crown on.”  

So going forth each morning, as I lay aware of the gift of a new day, I whisper confirmations to  my heart. I say these things with confidence, resolution and expectation because I am aware of the power of words and I know that what I say to and about myself must be louder than anything the world says about me.

I am loved

I am falling in love with myself today., Me, Myself and I is the first relationship that I must be in. I didn’t realize that until almost two years ago when I woke up in a quiet house after being in a long term relationship and realized there was no one to say  “I love you today”. I was so used to hearing it from someone else, I hadn’t said it to ME but I needed to hear “Love” so I began to speak LOVE to “me”.

 Regardless If you are in a relationship or not make sure you tell yourself when you wake “I am going to fall in love with myself today”. I mention the word LOVE and TODAY because  we can fall in and out of love with someone and we can also fall in and out love with ourselves. I have had those “Umm ReRe what is going on with you today sis, are you good?” and on those days I don’t even want to communicate with myself about myself. And regardless of  how I feel that day, the next morning is another opportunity for me and also for you to “Fall in love yourself”

 I can start over anytime

I am constantly starting over my day throughout my day, I remember when I was working in a corporate office, I told my co-worker “ I am going to lunch and then when I come back I am starting my day over” she looked at me confused and I told her “ I have a choice within myself to start my day over” and when I came back from lunch I took a deep breath and hugged myself (talk about that later)and started my day over mentally and from 2PM-10:30PM I had a good day and good evening. We cannot control everything like maybe being stuck in traffic on the way to work or to a social function, but we can control how we react mentally and emotionally. So with that being said I don’t care what time it is 8 AM or 8 PM guess what you can sit on your throne with your crown and say “Umm I don’t like how I am feeling right now let me start this day over”and that is perfectly fine.?

 I am the best version of me

Guess what? No one has been you before, no one has lived a life like yours before, no one has worn the crown you wear. Everything that you are doing is new to you and that is ok. You are the new and best version of you.  There is no such thing as perfection when it comes to living your life and wearing your crown, there is a thing called beginner, experience and advanced and it takes living life and learning from what we may see as mistakes and trying again to do better and remembering that even with mistakes or as I called them “Life Lessons” You are the best new versions of you.  

I don’t know everything

I tell myself this every day, because I am one of those crown ones that will walk around Wal-Mart or any store for about 30 minutes looking for something. I, will walk by two or three Wal-Mart employees and will not ask for help because I feel like I should know where that item is. I always feel like I know or need to know everything, and the time it takes for me to realize that I don’t know everything I could have asked someone and went on about my day. I know that I am not alone in feeling like this and for that reason I have considered a shrug of the shoulder is actually me just giving myself a hug. Yes, a shoulder shrug is now considered a self hug.  Now when I don’t know something I give myself a hug (shoulder shrug) and say “It’s ok that I don’t know everything and me not knowing doesn’t mean that I don’t deserve the throne I am sitting on or my crown I wear. The reality of not knowing has open opportunities to employ the help of others and allow their light to shine.

In conclusion the next time you wake up tell yourself that YOU love yourself, You can START over anytime,  That you are the best NEW version of you and it is ok to NOT know everything. If the four things that I mention don’t work for you that is ok, but find  words or quotes that work  for you.  Find words on pinterest , google, your good friend’s Instagram that gives you motivation and again reminds you that you are crowned.  

And please share what conversation do you have with yourself that motivate you in the comments below.

“Don’t forget you are Crowned and Don’t forget your Crown” -Crowned ReRe –