Good day Crowned Ones; on the fifth episode of The CrownTalk Podcast, Crowned ReRe and Mr. Al Pete speak about receiving unsolicited advice. Sometimes we call to vent to someone, and unsolicited advice is given. Crowned ReRe and Mr. Al Pete share ways to deal with unsolicited advice outside of saying, “Who asked you?” Crowned ReRe also shares her “ReRe Recommendations.”

Unsolicited Advice: not asked for; given or done voluntarily:

The Meaning of Unsolicited Advice. Giving unsolicited advice means thinking someone needs your advice when they didn’t specifically ask for it.

Three Ways to Receive Unsolicited Advice.

Take a Deep Breathe

Take a moment to “woosah”, count to 10 and take in the room and start asking questions that person LOL.

Change the Subject

People loves talking about themselves, change the subject, you have the crown to take over and maneuver the conversation.

Say ‘Thank you” in advance and walk your own journey.

“Do you Baby. Do you”


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