This is officially the first episode of Season four of “The CrownTalk Podcast.” These episodes will be mini-moments with me and my friend (accountability content partner), Mr. Al Pete.  In this episode, we will discuss accountability, three ways to hold yourself more accountable, and  Crown ReRe will give ReRe’s Recommendations (new segment). 

Accountablity : the fact or condition of being accountable; responsiblity.

Three ways to hold yourself accountable:

Plan Ahead

Write it down, and make it plain. It is okay to use pen and paper.

Find A Accountability Friend

At least have 85% of you together before you ask someone to hold you accountable.

Celebrate Every Milestone

Don’t forget to “release the wiggles” for everything you accomplished on your “To Do List”

ReRe’s Recommendation

Check out “Julia” on HBOMAX; this show is about Julia Child and how she invested in herself to create her own cooking show. The show shows how she was supported by her village while others doubted her.

Check out “Woke” on Hulu Season 1 and 2

Hilarious show about being “Woke” starring Lamorne Morris.


Re’Becca “Crowned ReRe”

Content Creator and Executive Producer of

The Crowntalk Podcast and 

Mr. Al Pete: Producer, Sound Technician, Friend, and Holding Crowned ReRe accountable to continue to create.