Author and teacher Charlotte L. Taylor sits down with Crowned ReRe and speaks about her first book of a series “Broken Twigs: Farewell to Faerie Forest. Charlotte speaks on how important is it to use our imagination, especially as adults. Charlotte also explains what “ghostwriting” is and she speaks about the business she has to help other writers.

In this episode, Crowned ReRe and Charlotte speak about the importance of going with your gut, overcoming the fear of getting started, and Charlotte shares her crown moment.

Broken Twigs: Farewell to Faerie Forest.

Farewell to Faerie Forest introduces a magical world where diligent fairies perform their duties so that the faerie realm has everything it needs each season. Queen Iris rules with kind benevolence over the hard-working fairies, with all doing their fair share of work ‒ all, that is, except Twigs. Stubborn and temperamental, Twigs hates working. As soon as the fairies begin their daily chores, Twigs disappears and spends her days getting into mischief. It’s clear why she has no friends, nor does she want any.

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About Charlotte L. Taylor

Growing up, Charlotte was an avid reader, eagerly exploring the different worlds between the book pages. Charlotte’s passion for great storytelling helped her to achieve an A in A-Level English Literature before she traveled north to read Psychology at Edinburgh University. Here, she became fascinated with the psychology of young minds, and she left four years later with a 2.1 Master of Art with Honours degree.

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