Author and sociologist Cheryl Moy joins Crowned ReRe on “Conversation Sunday” to discuss her published work “The Origami Balloon Becoming Mei-Rose.” Cheryl discusses what inspired and motivated her to write, the title’s meaning, and shares her crown moment.

In this episode, Crowned ReRe and Cheryl Moy speak about the importance of representation, self-care, and self-awareness.  

The Origami Balloon.

Becoming Mei-Rose is Cheryl Moy’s debut novel. It is the story of how a shy, quiet little girl learns that she is enough just as she is. It follows Mei’s journey as she discovers how to embrace both aspects of her heritage and in doing so, offers hope that one day she will be able to learn how to love herself.

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About Cheryl Moy.

Cheryl Moy Cover of The Origami Balloon

 Cheryl has always had a fascination with the structure of different societies, and she graduated her college years from the University of Northern Illinois with a BA degree in Sociology.

Cheryl has always had the propensity to help others—this is part of her very core—and her dream is to become a coach, helping people embrace who they are. Her vision sees her reaching those who face daily battles with their inner voice telling them that they are not good enough. Cheryl wants everyone to understand that their well-being is as important as their physical health, so this too needs to be nurtured. -

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