Forgiveness Cover

Sometimes “most times”, forgiving someone is not easy. I am personally learning this lesson myself. When someone says, “I apologize can you forgive me?”, I honestly hear “Do you mind being a fool … again?” I am learning that until I internally hear the word Forgiveness instead of Fool I cannot truly forgive.

Presently I am being pressured to forgive someone whether I am ready to or not. This person is making it seem as if my inability to forgive them when I AM NOT READY is somehow stopping them from moving on with their lives. But as a crowned one I cannot be pressured to offer forgiveness until it is authentic and real.

Often times we forgive people without even thinking how it will affect US, Somehow the popular opinion is that forgiveness should be on autopilot, I beg the defer.

I believe we are entitled to our selfish moment, at least give ourselves time enough to contemplate the condition of forgiveness, the cause and effect. I understand the concept that un-forgiveness is like biting a poison apple and expecting the other person to die, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to make apple pie. (Thoughts from a particular scene from the help comes to mind)

In conclusion Forgiveness should be authentic not automatic and this can only happen when that person has had their “Crown Moment”. That Crown Moment may mean your forgiven but forbidden to enter back into someone circle at that level again. As crown ones we can forgive someone but does not mean we have to be a fool again.

-Crowned ReRe