Crowned ReRe converse with Wendy Marqueine about the series “Genius and Friends” brand, the importance of teaching morals to little kids. The two ladies also speak on self-care, self-awareness and Wendy shares her crown moment. 

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Genius Loves An Attitude Of Gratitude

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In this fun rhyming book for children of all ages, Wendy Marquenie introduces readers to Genius. Genius helps us understand more about our minds and bodies and how we connect with the world around us, learning a way to think, develop a strong self-belief and confidence to create bright and happy futures. All creatures are unique, but you are even more special! We all have an inner Genius! The Genius books introduce characters that inspire children (including adult children) with enquiring minds to imagine, dream, achieve and succeed. These books empower children to understand thoughts, understand themselves, and generate enthusiasm which opens a whole world of possibilities for future

The Author 

Wendy Marquenie is a Mind Strength Coach with a passion to help children become all they can be by unlocking their inner genius within.

After a diverse career it is her passion for unlocking the inner potential for children that lights me up. For Wendy  One of the best things about her having a diverse career and a career path with many journeys along the way and the winding complexities of life, is understanding the challenges our children face going out into the world. 

In The Inner Genius Global Academy and will find courses to empower your children, help them overcome anxiety and build strong resilient children, to equip them for when they go out into the world and create their own success in life.