Crowned ReRe has a wonderful conversation with Joanne Ball-Burgess the author of “Dancing with Tired Feet’ . Joanne shares meaning behind the title “Dancing with Tired Feet”, what she wants readers and Crowned Ones to take away from her book and she also shares her Crowned Moment. 

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Dancing with Tired Feet

Dancer, singer-songwriter, teacher, and television personality, Dr. Joanne Ball-Burgess draws upon her international experiences from her native Bermuda, as well as life in Kenya, Cyprus, Egypt, and other locales. Her purpose is to motivate and inspire others through all things creative and to offer a message of hope to those who have survived trauma, drawing upon her experience in surviving the Westgate Mall Attack in 2013.Using her talent—her gift—of dance, Joanne served as the longest serving female judge for East Africa’s widely acclaimed dance competition show “Sakata Mashariki” on Citizen TV, bringing an international flair and fresh perspective to the art of dance.

In tandem with this celebrity status, Joanne is a teacher and mentor for aspiring performance artists including leading workshops, creating arts-infused curriculum, and authorial pursuits. As a testament to this, her bestselling publication, The Lizard & the Rock: A Fable of Bermuda’s Discovery, was formally recognized in Bermuda’s House of Assembly by the then Premier of Bermuda. In addition, she was awarded for contributing to Literature for Youth in 2009. Her theme song, Free to be Me, featured on The Lizard & the Rock Soundtrack, was a winner during Bermuda’s 400 Year Celebration. It culminated into a choir of over 50 students presenting to the Premier and the Governor of Bermuda.

Now pursuing further inspirational endeavors, Dancing with Tired Feet serves as a return to form—memoir meets imagination—following her humble beginnings as a shy young girl that blossomed into the international force she is today.

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