By: Crowned ReRe

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Whoopi Goldberg said “OK.” A one word with two letters that has so much meaning. When I saw and heard Whoopi Goldberg say “OK”, my heart got excited and filled with joy. This is why I will continue to recognize Whoopi Goldberg’s Crown.

The word “OK” spoken by a black woman has so many meanings. Whoopi Goldberg’s “OK” on “The View,” after Megan McCain’s rant, was her way of saying “…not today…regardless of how much I am being paid, regardless of how many people are watching, I am going to protect my peace by saying “OK.” In that moment, Whoopi Goldberg said her peace and protected her peace at the same time.

I believe as a black woman, the word “OK” (one word two letters) is powerful enough to be a shield of protection for our peace. When we know our actions (or non actions) will be louder than the actual words, that is all that matters.

Understanding The Power Of The "OK" … One word, two letters I believe as a black woman, the word “OK” (one word two letters) is powerful enough to be a shield of protection for our peace. When we know our actions (or non actions) will be louder… Click To Tweet

Whoopi Goldberg saying “OK” took us by surprise, but it is her action that I admire. She did and said nothing after that and the clip of her in that moment will be a 2021 and forever social media reference. Megan MCcain also tried to respond  to her own rant on Twitter after the show and left everyone saying “OK”.

People from both sides are often waiting for the “Angry Black Woman” to show up. They will constantly poke at the lioness and be surprised when the lioness roars. When the lioness chooses not to be entertained, or to be the entertainment, walks away or says quite matter of factly “OK”, the person who is left standing mouth wide opened looks like the fool. I.E. Megan McCain.

Saying “OK” takes people by surprise, and it quiets the room of conversation. I have said “OK” and quieted the room before and it was definitely a crown moment for me.

I have a story .. Want to hear it … Hear it goes….

Many years under the sun, I got a call from my boyfriend at the time.  Let us call him Tyrone, and let’s call this call “The Confession Call.”

Tyrone called me to confess that he lied about something that I already knew the truth about. After about 20 minutes of “The Confession Call”, there was a brief moment of silence and the call went exactly like this:

Crowned ReRe : “OK”

Tyrone: “Is that all you are going to say?”

Crowned ReRe : “Yes”

*Phone hangs up*

I didn’t see the reason to yell, scream, or even waste my choicest cuss word credits on Tyrone for 3 reasons:

  •  I already knew the truth 
  •  He already knew the truth
  • I knew my actions were going to be louder then any yelling, cussing, screaming I would gather up the energy to do.

The next day Tyrone called me numerous times. That “Confession Call” was the last time Tyrone was on my line. At some point people become unworthy of even an “OK” from you.

The action in me saying “OK” was me no longer allowing him in my space and me protecting my peace. My action of saying “OK” was, and is, a “Crown Moment” for me.

Crown Moment: When Your Heart and Your Crown Align

If you  know that your actions will speak louder than you saying the word “OK”, then it is “OK” to say “OK” and move on with with your life, or as my friend says whenever something doesn’t work out in their favor  “And on that note I am going to continue on about my day.”

Please know that saying “OK” and writing this to the Crowned Queens is not a way of silencing us at all. What I am saying is, we don’t have to fight unnecessary battles because in doing so we will be exhausted when it is time for war. Save your energy.

“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.”

audre lorde

  • Please remember. If not anything else, you are under no obligation to engage in pointless arguments, especially ones that disturb your peace Crowned one.

If the word “OK” is not for you, find your word of peace, find that word that works for you. That simple word that carries powerful actions.

Don’t forget: YOU are CROWNED and Don’t Forget YOUR CROWN.