Dear Crown Ones,

I hope you are doing well, staying safe, and most importantly, you are wearing your crown and finding your Black Joy. My thoughts have been all over the place about the next subject I was going to post to the site.

I decided to take a minute to share with the Crown Ones the reason for, the reason for the blog post about self-care, what my intent is creating the site, and the reason I believe we are crowned.

But first, let me say I am seeing a lot of people of color, Queens, Kings and Crown Ones claiming their throne, creating their own table, and I overly love it. Watching Black is King is inspiring, but having actual conversations with Kings, Queens, and Crown Ones I know personally who are reaching their goals and realizing their purpose is even inspiring. Enjoy your Crown Moments, Crown Ones.

One of the reasons I created this site is because it was a vision of mine for an exceptionally long time. I wanted to create a space of positivity…a space that reminds us that wearing our crown starts with self-care, self-love, and self-acceptance. When our crown and our heart is aligned, that is when we feel our crown moment. That moment starts with the inner self. That is the reason for posts like “The Morning” (speaking affirmations to ourselves as soon as wake), “The Forgiveness” (a lot of times, the one thing that holds us back is not forgiving ourselves for not knowing), “Black Joy” (the importance of celebrating our blackness), and “The Calm Down” (a reminder to recharge for us to continue to fight). Each blog post was written through personal experiences and personal self-reflection. The moments when my heart and crown aligned.

I also created Crown Ones to put a spotlight on other Crown Ones. I started the site with the first blog contributor Felicia Alston (my mom) with her blog post “Virtue In The Valley,” a post about finding yourself and not comparing yourself to others. By seeing and hearing other Crown Ones stories through interviews and blog writing, I am hoping others will be inspired.

Where does my belief come from that we are crowned? Mr. James Baldwin quote “Our Crown has been bought and paid for, we just have to put it on.” There is nothing but truth in that quote. During a time when people of color were treated unequally, James Baldwin quote was a reminder that regardless how anyone else sees us, we should see ourselves as crowned. I believe that during this time where we are protesting and making it heard that “Black Lives Matter” that regardless how the world sees us, we are of Royalty, we are of Value, and we are worthy of our Crowns we already have.

“Our Crown has already been bought and paid for…. We just have to put it on

And finally, I created this site as a creative challenge for myself. Growing up, I would constantly write poetry in my notebooks, or random thoughts and whatever was on my mind. It was a way of expressing myself (believe it or not, I was so shy in my youth). I miss those moments and creating this site is a way for me to get lost in my words and also improve my writing because, transparently, I suck at grammar, but I refuse to let that stop me from creating. I have a wonderful team (family and friends) that supports me and helps me when I ask.

I hope with, you find your crown moment. I hope that the stories of others inspire you and you are reminded that you are valued and worthy of the crown you wear. 

“Don’t forget your Crowned and Don’t Forget your Crown” -Crowned ReRe-