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The Creative … S2. E10 The CrownTalk Podcast.

Crowned ReRe has a wonderful conversation with “International Best Selling” author Darryl Bell, Darryl Bell is the author of “We Are Creators”. Darryl Bell shares his reason for writing “We are Creators” the importance of our imagination and how we all have the ability to create outside of our circumstances. Darryl Bell also shares his vision for his non-profit organization “Hope and Exchange” and the importance of giving back.

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LinkedIn is darryl@darrylbellauthor.com

We Are Creators Facebook page is fb.me/darrylkbell “We Are Creators” can be purchased on Amazon (select image to go directly to Amazon link)

 “We are created in the very image and likeness of God and we are designed to create our desired reality. God never intended us to be victims of any circumstance. He designed us with an imagination that will deliver us from sickness to health, from depression to joy, from poverty to wealth, from shyness to confidence and from failure to success” -Darryl Bell

And please check out the other wonderful authors and books at https://hasmarkpublishing.com and http://heartstobeheard.com (creativity being heard)

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