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The Plain and The Jane …The CrownTalk Podcast Ep. 9 S.2

Listen to the live recording of The CrownTalk Podcast Fly Socks and Tees episode. Crowned ReRe has a crown conversation…

The Joy

We are fighting for the joy of leaving the house, enjoying our day and being able to go back home. We are fighting for the joy to be in our black skin.

The Morning

Good day to all the Crown Ones, I believe that the first conversation that we should have when we wake…

The Educator.. S2..E8 The CrownTalk Podcast with Deborah Olatunji

I had a wonderful time speak with Deborah Olatunji, her words of wisdom inspired me and I hope they inspire you.

The Self Love … Ep 7 .. S2 … The Crowntalk Podcast

Crowned ReRe has a conversation with Janae Strickland the host of “Confessions From A Red Couch Podcast” and the author of “The Journey Back to Loving Yourself”.

The Calm Down

It is Monday 06/01/2020 … I have been watching local and national news, I have been on social media and…

Dear Kings

By Crowned ReRe The recorded conversation you hear above was my mom and I talking in the car about “Our…

Virtue In The Valley

VIRTUE IN THE VALLEY By: Felicia “Sugga Momma” Alston As Soon as someone mentions “A Virtuous Woman” scriptures from Proverbs…

The Forgiveness

Sometimes “most times”, forgiving someone is not easy. I am personally learning this lesson myself. When someone says, “I apologize…

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